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2017 Carolina Country Music Fest

The 2017 Carolina Country Music Fest hits the ground running with some of the biggest country music stars taking the stage.

Music Fest artists info and purchase tickets.

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Myrtle Beach Seafood Festival

Calling all seafood lovers!

Featuring local seafood vendors serving up delicious local seafood. Kid-friendly activities, a beer and wine garden and a cornhole tournament are also planned along with live music.

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2017 Sun Fun Festival

What started out in 1951, to kick-off to the summer tourist season, has been transformed into a more modern day celebration of Myrtle Beach.

Entertainment will include the Sun Fun Parade, Shag Contest, Too Much Sylvia, the Swingin’ Medallions, a dunking booth, ring toss, Sun Fun Jail, and much more!

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  • 25/07/2013
  • 17
  • Metronic, Keenthemes, UI Design

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